Tahany Mohamed Ali

07:30 PM



Event Details

Tahani Mohammad

El Sakia stage presents an Arab Music concert with the artist Tahani Mohammad to present the songs: Ewsefooli Elhob, Meen Qalak Teskon Fee Haretna, 'adda Elnahar

About the artist

Tahany Mohamed Ali

started to work in artistic field since 2002 when I got the accreditation from the Radio and TV with excellent degree.
The Radio produced a song to me called (the journey of virgin) in 2003.
Radio Great Cairo produced to me a series about Khan El-Khalili Manufacturers Composed by Fouad Helmy in 2004
I participated in A Radio Image Lyrics Composition of Gamal Bekheet composed by Ammar Elsheriey
I won the first prize in Alexandria song festival 3rd in 2005
I participated by singing with the Egyptian group (affiliate of The Ministry of Culture) By Maestro Farouq Albably
I sang with (Asala in Rabeea al Omr) group by Dr. Amal Fathy and (taqseem) group by Dr. Adel Moustafa on Elsawy cultural weel theatre
I did a private Concert with my Musical group on Elsawy cultural wheel in Wisdom Hall in 2015
There are some records on Youtube in video and audio with my name Tahani Mohamed Ali
I did a song called (Anestena Ya Eed) it is from Yemeni heritage; it Was broadcast in Adha Feast in 2015 on Yemin youth channel.

I sang on many theatres like: National Theatre   - Arabic music institute theatre – Opera house – Prince Taz Palace … etc.