El Hadra

07:00 PM



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Again, for Sufi and Inshad lovers, you're going to be delighted with Elhadra team in El Sawy Culturewheel, they're known for their amazing Sufi Inshad and transfiguration in performance. The team is formed out of 11 vocalists and 5 musicians.. Some of the songs and lyrics they're going to present are: Halafto Besereka Alasma Yamina, Enni Ga'altoka Fee Elfouad Mohadetha, and Elmesk Fah.

About the artist

El Hadra


Elhadra band is formed of a group of religious singers and Mobtahelin descending from different Sufi methods, they present a spiritual status of Religious singing, Ibtehalat, Dhikr and praise. They depend on traditional poems of the great Shykhs of Sufism about love of God and praising prophet Mohammad.