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Await Elfan Elsadeq team which seeks deliberately to revive songs of the fine age in a modern and creative style so as to let the recent generations recognize the value for the singers and artists of the immortal fine age.. Expect them

About the artist

Al Fan Al Sadek _ Isma3il Sadek

Ismael Sadeq

The soloist of the Arab National Music band, Cairo Opera House, led by the maestro SelimSahab. He was born in Port Saeed. he is the student of the artist Ibrahim Elhaggar, the professor of Solfège - Kamal Ismael, professor of lute - Saeed Fouad, and the maestro - Abdul Aziz Abbass.

In 1989, he graduated from the Arab Music Institute when he joint the Cairo Opera house in the same year during the formation of the Arab National Music band. Dr. RatibaElhefni and the maestro SelimSahabhonored his voice when he had sung (hasaduni el nas) on the Opera stage during the birth celebration of the great musician Mohammad Abdel Wahhab. This is the delivery of his artistic fame to be praised by the famous Musician of Generations.

Sadeq sings for the famous singers like (Abdel Halim Hafiz, Om Kulthum, Abdel Wahhab, Mohammad Qandeel, Abdul Mottaleb, Mohammad Fawzy, Farid Al Atrash, Wadee'a El Safi, SayidMekkawi, SayidDarwish) and others. He also shared with songs and acting in the series of "AwraqMasreyah" directed by Mohammad Wafiq, participated in (Scheherazade) operetta and (Leila men Alf Leila), the drama (Rahmah, Baghdad barbar) and one of his most songs over the Opera stage is (Hob Elwatan) during January 25 revolution. He contributed to the band by singing in all Arab and foreign countries as well as the United States of America, when the band received the first rank prize in both Iraq and Kuwait.

He formed "AlfanElsadeq" band for fine ages that collects the masters of music and singing, hence, he composed the music piece for Elsakia (YaSakiaDuri) in the last birth celebration of Elsakia. His band presented concerts in nearly all public theatres as well as the Cairo Opera stages.