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Sherif Ismael

Album Releasing Concert 

El Sawy Culturewheel is being ready to host the the young singer, Sherif Ismael to present a group of Tarab songs, Awaiting your participation

About the artist

Sherif Esmail

 Sherif Esmail Hussain Kamel , Tenor 

Musical Performance Experience:
 Al-Sawy Culture Wheel

 Cairo Opera House

  Al-Gomhorreya Theatre

  Bayt El Harawy

              Prince Tazz Palace        
             Cairo University Theatre
            <Sout Al-Hayyah> Tv Program Theatre

Musical Bands:

  The Shooting Club Band

  El-Banadrah Folklore Arts' Band

  Yehia Ghanem's Musical Band

  Ayamna El-Helwa Musical Band (till 2012)

Most Prominent Solo Performances:

Al-Sawy Culturewheel:

<Sherif Esmail's Concert> (2014)
<Ahu da elli Sar> (2011)
<Madadd> (2011)
<Mazlum-Upper Egyptian heritage song>(2010)
<Mosh Adder-Bedoun Reqaba movie song> (2009)
<Nehlam eh> (2009)
< Esma'a>(2008)
<Nehlam b eh> (2008)
<Resalet 'abd el wadoud> (2008)
<Ahleflak b Allah> (2007)
<Dandanah> (2007)
<Eb'ed b albak> (2007)
<Amana 'alik> (2006)
<La tak-tth-ebi> (2006)
<Resalet 'abd el wadoud> (2006)
<Khayef a'oul eli f albi> (2004)
<A'la Ad El-shouq> (2003)

Cairo Opera House:



  3. <Haggat Baseeta> (2009)

  4. <Resalet-'abd el wadoud> (2005)




    2. <Resalet-'abd el wadoud> (2011) Bayt El Harawy
    3. <Resalet-'abd el wadoud> (2011) Prince Tazz Palace


As a Composer :

Sherif Esmail and Bushra - Baad El Gharam (2006)

 Ahmed Fahmy -Mesh Ader(2009)

 Ahmed Fahmy and Maria- Einak Gat Fe Einy(2009)

Jannat -Esma Kalamy(2009)

 Mohamed Kelany -Walad w Bent (2010)

Ramy Gamal -Ya Om El Masry(2012)

 Hasan Kharbech- Aywa Ewediny(2013)

Ramy Gamal-Fatra Mesh Sahla(2013)

Ragheb Alama - Zekrayat(2014)

Yousef Arafat - Betehsal Kteer(2014)

Samira Saied- Away Etghayart (2016)

Presenters, Eyad Dawood and Salma Sabahy program -Welad El Balad

Da'eya Sherif Shehata program- Leyatmaen Qalby
Tamer Ashour –Mahzouz (2017)


An Overall View on Discovering the Talent:

- In the fourth grade at school, participated in a school concert where his talent was revealed

-Left the general school learning to join the Conservatoire Musical Institute for 6 years to learn more about music and instruments

-Joined the Egyptian Children's Chorus where he sang allover Egypt

-After going to college, enrolled his name in the Musical and Theatrical activities' group that represented the talents group of the faculty of Commerce, Cairo University where he received many certificates.(1999-2003)

- In 2004, he signed a contract with a production company to sponsor his first professional clip under the title of <Talat-terba' Kalamy>

- Later, in 2006, his first professional album was produced as a duet album with the well-known singer Boshra. The album was entitled <Halak Mosh Tayyeb>

-Working as a broadcaster of a three-hour live program, he used to sing whatever the callers request, on a Gulf TV Channel.

- Worked as a composer and an Internet broadcaster at Diab FM till he finally participated in <Sout Al-Hayyah> singers' competition TV program and won the first prize of the top 1 singer and winner of the first season of the program (2012)

Most Important Awards/Honors:

         <Sout AlHayat>  TV singers' competition  Program      (2012)

Cairo University, Faculty of Commerce    First Prize     (2003)

Cairo University, Faculty of Commerce    First Prize     (2002)

Cairo University, Faculty of Commerce    First Prize     (1999)