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Janan team

The Egyptian team Janan is going to present a new concert in El Sawy Culturewheel, the team is going to present songs and music depending on the magical Rock music using various instruments

About the artist


Janan is an Egyptian band established  in 2015 by Noha Fekry who is a
singer, songwriter and pianist, Mokhtar El-Sayeh as a Bassist and
sound producer, Magued Nagati (Drummer), and Youssef El-Sioufy
(Guitarist). In 2016 Samir George (Bassist) and Ahmed Kamar (Keyboard player) joined the band.

Janan is an arabic word which means "heart" or "core". The songs stem
from the mind and heart of all band members either lyrics,
composition, music playing and arrangement.

The band's first song "El esh'q Hala" was released and very well
received in October 2015. Then the band launched three more songs
during 2016, namely "Lahza", "Antom", and "Mehtagak".

Janan's music genre is alternative/pop rock with lots of influences
with other instrumental variations.

The band is going to touchbase with a live concert in February 2017