Nagham Masry

08:00 PM



Event Details

Nagham Masry Band

El Sawy Culturewheel hosts a concert for "Nagham Masri" team who're gonna present a collection of different songs that depend mainly on lyrics and the distinctive Egyptian melody with its Maqam variations and music arrangement that suits the type of words and melodies, depending at the same time on oriental as well as western instruments.

About the artist

Nagham Masry

An accident meeting between Ousso and Sherbini that brought an immediate musical understanding led to the unique mixture of east and west that is known as Nagham Masry. Following a first prize award at their very first show at the citadel, they decided to get serious about their original songs and set lists, and soon were playing regularly at the Opera.

The unique mixture we refer to is actually a complete division in the band. There is the western side (drums, guitar, etc) and there is the eastern side (oud, qanún, etc). Sometimes these two sides meet in the same track; sometimes they perform separately.

Their topics, like their mood, are genuinely Egyptian. With lyrics written by poets like Salah Jahin, Amal Donkol, and Emad Abdel-Mohsen, Nagham Masry present original music that is rooted in Egyptian political and social life; offering a kind of music that’s different from anything presented in Egypt.
Band Members

Sherbini: Vocals & Tunes
Hany Bedir: percussion

Ousso: Guitar
Amr Khairy (El Mr.): Drums
 BasseGeorge  : Samer Gourg
Wael Badrawy: Keyboard
Hany Bedair: Oriental
Shady Sharaf: Oud
Sherif Kamel: Qanún