Mostafa Amin

08:00 PM



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Mostafa Amin

El Sawy Culturewheel presents a live concert for the young artist Mostafa Amin who tries to express various subjectmatters that interests the youth of his age, his songs gained popularity from social media websites.. He presents some of his several songs like (Folan Elfolani, Aakher Had Baqi and Howa Enta Laih...).

About the artist

Mostafa Amin

Mostafa's Biography: 


- Full name: Mostafa Amin Mohamed

- date of birth 5/1/1988

- Education: Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering H.T.I 2012.


Mostafa is a young Egyptian vocalist who kicked off his journey of expressing youth and their issues through his music since 2011. Mostafa recorded a number of solo songs which ALL succeeded to be humane and be the youth's voice. His songs hit the records charts and got millions of plays and views, like:

Folan AlFolany:
 Akher Hadd Ba'ey:
 and Howa Enti Leh:

Mostafa released his first album, Dayra, in cooperation with Majeur Records, in which he released 10 songs differing in genres between rock, jazz, pop and classical, and the recording happened between Egypt, Spain and Turkey. He also filmed two songs with Majeur Records
 El ra’sa el a’khera: