Voice Band

07:30 PM



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Enjoy with “Voice” band performing a different musical concert. “Voice” combines 15 musicians and 14 singers leading by Islam Gad the talented violin musician. 

About the artist

The Voice Band



The voice band was created in April 2016 by Islam Gad, a violinist at the Egyptian Opera House in the Arab Music Division and also in the Lebanese music and talent program MBC Group in Lebanon, Maestro the voice kids and also Maestro Osama Al Husseini, the violinist of the Egyptian Opera House, . The ensemble consists of 12 to 15 musicians, 14 singers and singers. The band has revived more than a concert at the Egyptian Opera House, the General Club of Police Officers, Zagazig University, Ain Shams, Pharaonic Village and Al-Rabaa Cultural Street.