Gazga - Emdan El Noor

08:00 PM



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Emdan Noor

Gebteli Saheb Wehabeitoh... Zaqqeni Felmetro

Wamma Dab Feia Wedobt Ana Feeh... Rohtelo Beitoh We'azeitoh

Again, you're going to meet with Emdan Noor team formed out of 10 members on the stage of El Sawy Culturewheel with their top songs along with their own modern musical compositions... Await them.

About the artist

Gazga Emdan El Nour

Gazaga _Emdan Elnoor

Modern singing innovations based on our ancient Egyptian heritage with 21st century music flavour.

An independent musical band founded in August 2011 with invitation from the artist (Yehia Nadim) to band members and band founders of more than five independent musical bands who all decided to unite in one band that collects their different artistic concepts and tastes and results in a new distinctive art under the umbrella of one band that gathers them.

On September 29 2011, Emdan Elnoor had first presented their concerts in the Open Air theatre of Cairo Opera House.

- Emdan Elnoor band depends in its formation primarily on the lyrics that portrays the original Egyptian character; thus, it gathers a group of the best young lyricists.

The band had inaugurated El Faggala Kaman We Kaman Festival, they participated in thefestival of Porto El Sokhna, the International day of Pneumonia and the Italian Egyptian festival in Cairo Citadel.

The band has conducted their concerts in El Sawy Culturewheel and several other cultural hubs, they have five annual concerts in Cairo Opera House, two concerts in the season, a concert in Summer Festival, and a concert in the Citadel Festival.

- the band made various TV interviews like Microphone program on MBC Egypt channel, Hona El Aasema on CBC channel, Elleila M'a Hani, and Ezz Elshabab program on Rotana channel.


The band consists of eleven players that are:

Yehia Nadim: Vocalist, composer and band founder

Tamer Nadim: Vocalist

Mostafa Nadim: Vocalist

Dr. Mohammad Ghanim: Bass Guitarist

Dr. Wael Abdel Razeq: Lead Guitarist

Hatim Elnemr: Pianist

Dr. Mohammad Khalil: Qanunist

Beshoy: Accordionist

Nadim Nakhla: Drummer

Mostafa Abdullah: Eastern Tabla player

Ahmad Ghazali: percussionist