Mohamed Bash

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Mohammad Bash

The stage of ElSawy Culturewheel hosts the Star of Star Academy program, the Syrian singer, Mohammad Bash who gains popular fame through his enormous voice, lyrics, music composition, and spectacular look.

About the artist

Mohamed Bash

The first steps of fame of Mohammad Bash was in 2009 when he was accepted in the program Television El Waqe'/Star Academy in its 6th season. He was the only Syrian contestant in the 6th season and he was able to reach an advanced stage as he left the program one-step away from the finals. During his existence in the program, Mohammad Bash performed different schemes of songs and shows and he acquired various skills in stage performance including dance.

Throughout 16 weeks, Mohammad Bash had the chance to sing along with the program guests who are internationally recognized stars like Julio Iglesias in addition to Keith Thompson, David Vendetta, Lorraine Wolf, Rio, Mario Rice, Messari, Carl Wolf, Larock and Japa.

Despite not reaching the finals, he participating in singing in the primes after exiting the contest.

After the large popularity that Mohammad Bash gained in Star Academy, and after the end of the program, specifically in October 2009, he was elected to perform the national song "Ard Elhob" dedicated to his homeland, Syria, in the inauguration ceremony of the 17th Damascus International Film Festival; the song lyrics by Samir Tahhan and music composition by Samir Kuwifiti.

In December 2009, Mohammad Bash organized two concerts in Damascus and Aleppo like Star Academy Show Concerts, every concert lasted for around 100 minutes as he sang different Arabic and English songs. He presented more than one show form accompanied by a Syrian show band besides his own songs he had written and composed.

By the end of 2010, he'd won a referendum by Fanous website gaining the title of the most attractive Arab man passing great names in the world of singing and acting.