Al Hatem

07:00 PM



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El Sawy Culturewheel presents a unique concert of "Elhatem".. The owner of the first Beatbox album in the Middle East.. For his audience, Elhatem carries a group of surprizes in this concert

About the artist

Al Hatem

Hatem Tareq Moustafa,Born 16/9/ Nasrcity-Cairo,Egypt , i Started Beatboxing Since 2010 - Played Individual Untill 2011 i Started to Feature Musicians,Rappers and Bands as : Asfalt , Zap Tharwat , Sony Rahala , Ana Masry Band , Adham El-Said ( West El-Ballad ) Etc ... , Then i Begain ( Hip-Hop Project ) Band , With a Collection Of Artists,Rappers,Musicans and Singers .. to Make a Full Hip-hop Project Band
- I left hip hop project since 2013 to start my own project

- The Owner of The First Beatboxing Album in The Middle East.
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