Adnan EL Sassa

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Tawashih band

The Syrian Tawashih band, lead by the religious singer Adnan Elsasa presents a collection of religious poems and Tawashih like: Allahoma Ashkoo Elaik – Ya Noor Elnabi - Sho Zanbi Ana – Elhob - Wada'an Ramadan – Ya Rab Ya Wahhab.

About the artist

Adnan ElSasa

Tawashih band: under the supervision of the Syrian vocalist, Adnan Elsasa

An overview of the artistic journey of the vocalist Adnan Elsasa:

He was born in 1984 in Damascus and started his artistic journey by the age of 12 along with Abdul Rahman, his elder brother, as amateurs. Then he started seeking professionals' guidance to be committed to the directions of the master, Tawfiq Elhalabi to learn religious chanting, Mowashah and rhythm, and then he joined the Music Institute to study by the great instructor, Saeed Qotb and study the art of performance by Mr. Haitham.

In 2005, he joined his brother Abdul Rahman to establish "Ebadul Rahman band�" officially in Syria through the Ministry of Endouments.

In Syria, the band had organized several concerts all over the country in addition to the concerts of the Ministry of Culture and Media broadcasted by the public Syrian Television.


Band activities outside Syria:

The band had organized several concerts in the neighbouring countries (Jordan – Lebanon).

In 2007, Mr. Adnan had organized a concert in the Library of Alexandria.


Band releases:

The band had released the album Loghat Alkalam and was about to release various other albums, however, the events in Syria in 2012 had stopped everything when the band had suspended its activities in Syria.


Band activities in Egypt:

In 2012, Mr. Adnan has left to Egypt and worked upon establishing Tawashih band, and by the help of Allah, the band has spread its word and organized various private concerts, in addition to its show up in different private as well as public channels; such as (Rotana Misr - Alnas - Alqahera the First and the Third - Azhari - CBC).

The band has participated for three years running in Cairo Opera House in the evening of the great poet, Ahmad Taimoor where they chanted some of his lyrics.

The band has performed various artistic works, like: Allahoma Ashko Elik - Ya Noor Elnabi - Sho Zanbi Ana – Alhob -Wada'a Ramadan - Ya Rab Ya Wahhab - Ya Khaleq Elnoor - Elyom E'di - Emmi Esma Syria