Joe - Shwayt Fan

07:30 PM



Event Details

Event: Showayaet Fan band

Date: November 1 2017

Showayaet Fan band invites you to attend their concert in El Sawy Culturewheel to present songs along with modern-based music written and composed by "Jo" the team leader who fires up the stage with his marvelous songs that he writes and performs on stage accompanied by the band.

About the artist

Shwayt Fan (joe)

Shwayet Fann was formed by Joe in March 2010 as a means to introduce the public to his work and his quatrains written in Egyptian dialect. The band's name was conceived due to the variety of arts the band performs; they play music, sing songs and recite poetry.

. Shwayet Fann are special in that they perform humanitarian and social-themed songs using both Eastern and Western instruments and harmonization techniques of the music and songs, and they first started performing in May 2010 in cultural institutions, the Culturewheel and social clubs.

They also appeared on several TV shows. Their dream is to perform in cultural venues both in Egypt and all over the world