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Elmasriin band

Forty years since Elmasriin band had been launched... The band decides to celebrate this occasion within the wals of El Sawy Culturewheel... "Elmasriin", lead by the great musician Hani Shenuda, changed the paths of the Egyptian music and singing... Absolutely the band is going to alter your mood to the best in this concert and you're going to interact with their unforgettable songs

About the artist

El Masrieen

This iconic band was formed in 1977 by Hany Shenoda, and it was the first real singing band in Egypt that combined music sciences to the Egyptian melodies. The band influenced modern Egyptian music and song in many ways. According to Hany Shenoda, the credit for the formation of El Masrieen Band goes to the internationally acclaimed writer Naguib Mahfouz.

Hany Shenoda says this about the formation of the band: "After I graduated, I got together with a group of guys, and we played covers of Western music tracks and songs. We toured a lot of countries such as Lebanon and Syria with our group, and we always called on accomplished musicians to have a look at us and appreciate our talents. One day we were visited by Naguib Mahfouz, who worked in journalism at the time, and he asked me about our music and the songs we played. We were performing a collection of foreign songs (Italian, Spanish and French) at the time, and he asked me why we couldn't perform Arabic songs. We unanimously replied that we weren't interested in performing in Arabic. When he inquired we answered that the introductions were too long, the songs had no harmonic structure and that they had a lot of additions and repetitions." Mahfouz said “Don’t substitute work with words” and this was something Hany Shenoda kept in his head till the minute he met Mohamed Mounir.

El Masrieen band was officially formed on December 8th 1976, and their first album “Bahebek La” was released. It was a big hit, because that style of songs was new and unprecedented to the audience, nobody had played like that before until Mohamed Mounir’s first album. Soon, 128 bands registered in the Authors and Composers Society.

From then on the performances and albums rolled and the band pushed the boundaries and touched on subjects nobody imagined before. The band also used harmonies and counterpoints, and introduced proper structures for their songs such as polyphonic harmonies (two or more independent melodic voices)., not monophonic (one voice).

The band’s star Iman Younis was a big success after Matehsebosh Ya Banat and Banat Ketir which were songs sung in all girls schools. The band played in several festivals such as “Memphis in May” in USA and “Laviota” in Chile in addition to thir numerous successful performances in Egypt and the Arab world.

El Masrieen sadly disbanded after the album “Haz El Adala” in 1988, after the departures of Iman Younis & Mona Aziz, and the passing of Tahseen Yalmaz, Mamdouh Kassem and author Salah Jaheen. 
The band reunited again in 2009 because Iman Younis has decided a comeback. Both Iman and Hany decided to put together some of the young musicians and talented singers as Fady El Alfy and Nour. The band performed in a great success especially with the string orchestra of Bibliotheca Alexandrina with the famous conductor Sherif Mohey El Din. Also they played enormous numbers in Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo Opera House, El Ghoory, Prince Taz Palace and the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris, France. They are looking forward to a tour in the Arab world.

The current lineup is Hany Shenoda (keyboards), Iman Younis, Fady El Alfy, Nour (vocals)


Bahebek La (1977)
Horreya (1979)
Banat Ketir (1980)
Ebda’ Min Gedeed (1981)
Mashya El Sanyoura (1985)
Haz El Adala (1988)
Coming Soon: Ashabna Ya (Children’s Album) 

Band Members:

Hany Shenoda
Iman Younis
Nour Yassin
Zig Zag
Sara Medhat
Hend Ahmed
Sameh Shaaban
Ahmed Bebo