Mina Safwat

06:30 PM



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Mina Safwat

The young poet "Mina Safwat" presents a distinctive poetic evening in El Sawy Culturewheel, the poems he recorded gained a large volume of views on various social media platforms... Await him

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Mina Safwat



Mina Safwat William

He authored three long-featured films that were accepted by the cinema and artistic control apparatus.

He played minor roles in some works of art such as the serial "Wesh Tani" and the serial "Haret Elyahood".

In the field of art, he recorded 13 poems professionally to be viewed on social media platforms and he reached a large volume of views. Some rrelevant photos are included in the CD. In addition to a TV interview as well as poetry diction and performance videos that are all included in the CD as well.