Diaa Khairallah

08:00 PM



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Diaa Khairallah

The stage of El Sawy Culturewheel hosts the pianist Diaa Khaillah. Khairallah loved playing on the piano since his childhood and decided to continue his life gift only to music... Be ready for a distinctive musical concert

About the artist

Diaa Khairallah


Diaa Khairallah, a former officer in the armed forces and  currently a businessman. He played piano since he was 6 years old and he joined the Higher Institute of Music Education in 1968 only for five months and then joined the military college. A few years ago he enrolled in free studies at the Faculty of Music Education where he learned to play some classical music for piano, he also learned to play Oud in  the Oud House by Nosair Shamma. He participated as a pianist in several concerts with Maestro Mohamed Karam (violin Solist) in Elmaseya Band at El Sawy Culturewheel in the Wisdom Hall twice and also in a concert with Maestro Mustafa Ahmad with the Heritage Ensemble Abdel Halim Nowirah at El Gomhoriyah Theater.

Then he  started composing his own music, then  formed a musical band to play his own music and present it to the public.