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They're the outcome of the unity between two religious singing teams who decided together to direct the listeners to mentioning Allah, loving the land and nation. It's Basmat Elandalos team that was founded by the late 90's, in the concert they're going to present: Mawlid Alhadi Nabina – Moshtaq Ana Lelnabi – Mohammad Howa Sayidna – Allah Allah Ya Rabi

About the artist

Basmet El Andlos

Basma Al-Andalus band
Basma Al-Andalus band was founded in 1998
Basma Al-Andalus band consisted of the Union of two divisions are the band smile band of Andalusia, and the band of Andalusia have been founded in the Imbaba area in 1992, while the smile band in Shubra 1994 the area was established, and it was this union a big effort done by Prof. Magdy Azouz, which is due to the great merit after God Almighty in this great artistic monument

Since 1998 was a major breakthrough for Basma Al-Andalus with the first album, "Gina Nahni" and that with the first Director of the Division Magdy Azouz.

In 1999, it was the band's second album "Ahla hype" which achieved remarkable success in the world of Islamic weddings

In 2000, the album was released, "no matter how long the night," which was attended by senior Palestinian composer "and J. Bader Khan," The most famous song in the album is "My country, my expensive us."

Then rolled band versions and technical contributions were the following versions:

1) This is God's creation 2) Tani sweetest hype 3) big night 4) cubs uprising

Band in a large number of religious parties also participated in events such as: Prophet's migration, the Prophet's birthday, Flowers

She also participated in various concerts in public unions such as the Medical Association and the Journalists' Syndicate, the public, clubs and youth centers

As the band has revived a number of concerts at the Islamic Center in Ireland in 2008 in the presence of Sheikh Dr. Hussein sweetness vice president of the Union of European scientists, in Islamic communities in Ireland

The band still entertaining .. salutes nights. and working to build art in our beloved Egypt

Dr. Mohammed al-Najjar - Director General of the band