Yasser Anwar

09:30 PM



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Yasser anwar

After long absenceyasser anwar is going to hit the stage and sing top Egyptian and Arab heritage songs for the elderly sings like Abdel Wahhab – Om Kulthum – Sayid Darwish and others, the team is lead by the melodic voice singer Yaser Anwar.

About the artist

Yasser Anwar

Formed the band in 2013 the founder of the band artist Yasser Anwar.
Number of members of the band 7 persons susceptible to increased depending on concerts, The band's choice of songs ancient Egyptian and aim to maintain, and songs of Egyptian greats artists In the field of singing and melodies The goal of the band is to keep the heritage of the Egyptian Technical concerts and sports clubs, youth centers and cultural salons and radio and television programs, universities and cultural programs.
Band specializes in providing all the ancient works of art and purpose connected voice every home in Egypt. –