Ali Qandil

08:00 PM

Stand Up Comedy


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Again, you're going to meet with the stand-up comedian, Ali Qandil in El Sawy Culturewheel with new sketches and different themes.. We promise you won't stop laughing

About the artist

Ali Quandil

Ali Quandil troupe
Thousands of people are awaiting the shows of this troupe, founded by
the actor and stand-up comedian Ali Quandil – one of the stand-up
comedy leaders in Egypt- comes with a team that he coached for an
entire year!
We'll meet them at the stage of the Wisdom hall
On Saturday September 22
In two shows (at 7:00 and 9:00 PM)
The play: Enteqam Elfata 'abkawim
This is considered the second stage direction experiment for Qandil,
after the play "Masr 2 Rakeb", performed 7 times since around 4 years
and achieved a resounding success, however, this experiment is
different altogether as it includes a new temptation in treatment and
The troupe had emerged by around 54 actors by which most of them
passed through physical, cultural, linguistic, musical coaching
stages, in the midst of these stages, individuals were subjected to a
very harsh experience of stress and endurance resulted in steps of
exclusion and withdrawal until their final number has become (18
actors) who are:
1- Ahmad Nabil
2- Amgad Elshawshi
3- Amina Salladin
4- Hassan Hossam
5- Halim
6- George (Gego)
7- Rim Soleiman
8- Sandra Ihab
9- Ali Quandil
10- Marina S'ad
11- Mohammad Taher
12- Mohammad Mostafa
13- Marwa Wahid
14- Mostafa Imam
15- Nour Elbaz
16- Karlito
17- Hinar Ryan
18- yosreya Mostafa
The troupe seeks the experiment, and never intended to a huge
non-distinctive or non-different number of stage shows, but rather it
aims to create a theater entity based on experimentation and the
penetration of any new theatrical worlds, an entity rich in a large
number of theatrical artists who are able to present everything new
and different, and sometimes crazy, but in the public ethical context.
Be ready for a different theatrical experience: the play, Enteqam
Elfata 'abkawim
Written and directed by: Ali Quandil
Stage director: Nermin Mahmoud
Decorist: Mohammad Taher
Team leader: Nohair Lotfi
Guest of Honor with special participation
The creative artist scriptwriter: Tamer Abdel Hamid
Awaiting you
An experiment, like other experiments on its way
We promise you'll not forget it