Zap Tharwat And Sari Hany

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Ceremony of releasing "Almadina" album, Zap Tharwat & Sari Hany

The Egyptian rap star "Zap Tharwat" celebrates with you on the stage of El Sawy Culturewheel the release of his new album "Almadina" which received the admiration of many in an exceptional ceremony.. With participation of the music arranger Sari Hany.. Awaiting you

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Zap Tharwat And Sari Hany

Album Launching "Almadina"  Zap Tharwat & Sari Hany


"Zap Tharwat" is an Egyptian rap singer "Hip Hop"

He started his journey in 2009, his strong beginning was along with "Cairokee" in the song "Ethbat Makanak". Zap released around twenty individual and shared songs with more than a singer and a band "Aida Elayoubi, Cairokee, Asfalt, Mahmoud Elesaili, Osama Elhadi, Sherine Amro, Mennah Hussain, Amina Khalil ... ETC"

Zap Tharwat released his first album in April 2018 consisting of nine songs, so far, it achieved over 35 million views on Youtube, all the album songs are made videos by "Ekseer studio" where eight of which are shared with "Hamza Namira, Mahmoud Elesaili, Amir Eid, Ahmad Sheiba, Tareq Elshykh, Hani Eldaqaq, Ingy Nazif, Sherif Elhawwari, and most recently, Sari Hani" who composed all the music in the album songs, Zap is going to share the album ceremony on stage while "Sari" is considered one of the most successful and principal music composer in Egypt and abroad.