Ahmed Amin

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Ahmad Amin

The stage of El Sawy Culturewheel hosts a concert for the Sudanese singer, composer and music arranger Ahmad Amin, Amin has a wide public base in Sudan and it's the time for him to reach out to the Egyptian public... Await him

About the artist

Ahmed Amin

Ahmed Amin is a Sudanese singer, composer and music distributor who majored in Multimedia from the Sudan University of Science and Technology.


Born in Libya in 1988 with a high degree of curiosity and a musical father helped shape his passion for music. He started to experiment with various instruments from the tender age of four and participated in Sudanese Community events from the age of seven. Later upon his return to Sudan in his high school years he got professional instruction where he learned to play the guitar, oud and mandolin. He formed his first band during his high school years. He later went on to study Multimedia at the Sudan University of Science and Technology, and competed in the ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ competition, which he won the second time around in 2009.  In 2010 he traveled to Malaysia and studied music distribution at Multimedia University.  Upon his return he briefly pursued a singing career, after which he traveled to Saudi Arabia and worked as a music distributor for a production company.  His music style is a unique blend of African, Jazz and Pop.


In 2016 Ahmed’s songs became better know through social media where he launched his songs.  Today and more than 20 songs later he continues to use social media as his platform.  He has composed many songs for singers like; Amar Rabb and Amel Al Maghraby, as well as the music for soap operas like ‘3asham’, ‘wattar’ and more.   He is often invited to hold concerts for special occasions both in Sudan and the UAE.


Driven and ambitious he is currently collaborating with various international artists to add even more variety to his music profile and hopes to become a renowned singer, composer worldwide.