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Zekraiati team

Classical and modern songs.. a mixture of monologues, Mouwashahat and Dawr.. National and religious poems and songs.. This is all presented by Zekraiati team lead by Rami Abool Fotouh, formed out of creative male and female young artists in singing and playing music.

About the artist

Ramy Abo El Fotouh Zekrayaty

Team consists of a set of sounds men and women which possesses high skills in performance lyrical

Comprising a total band of musicians skilled performance on the machines Aezzvi Eastern cost

It offers band singing career total of outstanding works and is interested templates singing career of cost role  Moah  monologue  a religious songpoem  a patriotic song
Music Mnassapat  Picture lyrical

Division commander depends on the musical notation of the team training  whether in performance or performance Aezzvy lyrical making artwork Directed by directing sound in which creativity and thus be satisfactory to the taste of the recipient