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Hany Mustafa

Await Hany Mustafa on the stage of El Sawy Culturewheel, Hany Refuses to be classified for a certain musical genre as he has a fingerprint in every western, oriental, loud and slow musical genres, with his modern style he could combine all these genres in the songs he presents.

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Hany Mustafa





- "The acoustic guitar is basically the epitome of all indie muses, and that’s exactly what makes Hany an exceptional Egyptian indie act, alongside his rich, goosebumps-inducing vocals and lyrical talent. A personal favorite of ours is EP September, which tops our go-to stress-freeing playlist." - Scoop Empire

- "The man with harmoniously angelic voice, Hany Mustafa. He is definitely amongst the driving forces behind the change in Cairo's music scene" - Discord Magazine

- "Hany Mustafa is one great wordsmith" - Egypt Today

- "Hany Mustafa is one of the purest talents in Egypt. You will recognize his magical vocal chords from a distance. Hany’s success doesn’t merely come from his talent; his passion about music is undeniable and we believe that one day he’ll make it and have a wide fan base worldwide." – Going Deep Magazine



Hany Mustafa or HanyMust, is a singer/songwriter and musician from Egypt. His music encompasses elements from the indie/acoustic to alternative & ambient music. Hany has been an integral part for the local music scene regarding to his contribution to the evolving of the underground movement in Egypt. Hany sings in both Arabic and English.

Hany released his solo EP entitled September in 2010; A 5 track album that represents a Nuewiba state of mind, using only acoustic instruments to portray nature and its beauty. He has been playing solo concerts and releasing singles over the course of the last 7 years. Playing in venues all over Egypt.

Being active in the underground music scene in Egypt, Hany has been included in many events as a solo act (with backing band) all over the country including high profile festivals specially the UMF Event Rock Stop where he opened for the Mashrou' Leila. His performance was hailed as one of the best of the night. Also a part of the MuzixMe festival, as well as concerts all over venues in Egypt like the Cairo Opera House, El Sawy Culturewheel, British Council, AUC and others.




By the end of 2016, he released the first single from his upcoming LP "Morning Coffee" which garnered a lot of airplay in Egypt and was widely shared on all social media platforms. He later released his Arabic single "Lahza" which was hailed as one of the tracks of the year by many publications.

2013 saw Hany as one of the leading singers in the Fabrica organization; Performing the role of Radames in Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida. As well as Jean Valjean in the Arabic adaptation of Les Misérables, which led to be a great success, nailing them a slot on the Bassem Youssef show 'ElBernameg', also on Isaad Younis' show 'Sahebat El-Saada' in 2014. Also touring the United States and performing an evening in the Leonard Nimoy theater on Broadway.


Hany is a one of the main singers in the group Cinemania who appeared on Sahibet El-Saada talkshow which led to a great success all over Egypt. The group performed two big sold out concerts in the Marquee theater, one of the biggest stages in Egypt.


Hany composed music for documentaries as well as a locally produced independent movie.

He was a part of many tribute concerts for artists and bands like The Beatles, Radiohead, Elton John, The Doors, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and others. He happen to have the successful Beatles tribute band 'Glass Onion', performing sold out concerts all over the country.

He is a part of Sada That, a four-piece alternative/shoegaze band in Cairo. The released their debut EP in the Arabic language in March this year, which Hany produced entirely. Their song 'Bedaya' has been all over radios and social media platforms. They were one of the main acts in the Pick A Street event.


Currently working on his debut English LP. Also Hany is working on his debut Arabic LP as well, releasing his first video this month.