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Await Elfan Elsadeq team which seeks deliberately to revive songs of the fine age in a modern and creative style so as to let the recent generations recognize the value for the singers and artists of the immortal fine age.. Expect them

About the artist

elfan elsadek

Ismael Sadeq

Soloist of the National Arab Music Band in Cairo Opera House led by the maestro Selim Sahab

He’s born in Port Said and learned with the help of the artist Ibrahim Elhaggar, the tutor of Solfege Kamal Ismael, tutor of Oud Saeed Fouad, and the maestro Mr. Abdel Aziz Abbass.

He was graduated from the Institute of Arab Music in 1989 and joined Cairo Opera House in the same year during the establishment of the National Arab Music Band. Dr. Ratiba Elhefni and the maestro Selim Sahab praised his voice when he performed the song "Hasadoni" on the stage of Cairo Opera House in the birthday anniversary of the great musician Mohammad Abdel Wahhab, this was his artistic birth when he was praised by the musician of generations.

He sings for the great singers like (Abdel Halim Hafiz - Om Kulthum - Abdel Wahhab - Mohammad Qandil - Abdel Mottaleb - Mohammad Fawzi - Farid Elatrash - Wadi' Elsafi - Sayid Mekkawi - Sayid Darwish - and other singers), he participated in singing and acting in the serial "Awraq Masreya" directed by Mohammad Wafiq, (Shahrazad) and (Laila Min Alf Leila) operettas, and the play (Rahma, Hallaq Baghdad), one of his most famous songs in the Opera is (Hob Elwatan) during the January 25 Revolution.

He participated along with the band in singing in all Arab countries as well as foreign countries and the United States of America, till the band received the first class award from Iraq and Kuwait.

He formed Elfan Elsadeq band for fine age including pioneers of music playing and singing, he composed the melody of El Sakia (Ya Sakia Doori) in the last anniversary of El Sakia, the band performed in all stages including Cairo Opera House.