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El Sawy Culturewheel invites you to spend an unforgettable time with
"Galakticon" event for western culture and pop lovers, the event
includes several sections, games, contests and Cosplay fashion...
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About the artist


Galacticon, the first all-western convention.

Galacticon revolves around  everything in western/pop culture such as (Comics – movies – Series – Cartoons), you can find cosplays of your favorite Comics or Movie Characters, themed corners from your childhood favorite movies or suddenly hear an opening song from the Series that you’re obsessed with, along with board-games, gaming competitions, cosplay competitions and challenge your comic books knowledge in the comic-book trivia, along with products from various stores, and taking pictures with the famous armors in the Armors corner and the games competition, Galacticon will make sure that your time will be well spent and having fun around the same geeky groups as you’re, and that everything is themed from all the things we grew up watching, reading, playing and love, you can even try some of the cosplays yourself, will be our pleasure to see you there.