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Salah Begato

After long absence, Salah Begato returns back to the stage of El Sawy Culturewheel in a new live concert, Begato has a unique voice in which he is able to prove himself on stage in Egypt... Awaiting you

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Salah Begato


Salah Begato is an Egyptian singer and musician who started singing by
the age of six. He was brought up in an artistic family where he
learn singing by his mother, Eman Salah Eldin, the famous kid songs'
composer, and his father, Fares Begato, the Bass guitar player since
Salah has participated in the chorus and background music of several
songs for various artists from Egypt and the Arab World.
In 2015, Salah has released his first album ever entitled "Qawa'ed
El'eshq lelsa'ereen" that introduces the songs of "Qawa'ed El'eshq
lelsa'ereen" program presented in Ramadan 2015 over CBC satellite
channel by the end of the year 2015.
Salah Begato has participated in the concert of "Sahebat Elsa'ada"
program in the new year through two distictive episodes entitled "the
Arab World is Singing"