Mahmoud El Tohamy

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Mahmoud Eltohami

Shykh Mahmoud Eltohami is featured for his stunning melodious voice in praising the prophet and religious singing, he's considered to be a landmark in the religious singing field. he's going to appear before us again with the fascinating Ibtehalat and religious Anasheed.

About the artist

Mahmoud El Tohamy

Sheikh Mahmoud Eltohamy
Religious Chanter and the Head of Egyptian association of religious Hymns and litanies. 
Email:[email protected]
Egyptian passport, Egyptian residency. Born in Assuit. 

He memorised the Gracious Quran at Al-Azhar institute, graduated from Arabic department at Al-Azhar University in 2000 ,after obtained his General Diploma in 2001 ,later he completed his Post graduation from Assuit University in 2003. 
He studied free courses in the primary music Conservatory in Egypt (the Cairo Concervatoire).
He worked with the greatest and the most popular Composeres like Mr. Ammar Sharii ,Mr. Hassan Abu saud ,Mr . Mohammad Farghali and Dr. Maykil Fershkof prof.of music at Alberta University in Canada who predicted that Shaykh Mahmoud Eltohamy would be very unique style of Religious Hymns and litanies God's will. 
Genre :Religious and Sufi music. 
Advanced Qualifications :modern ,sufi music, Folkloric music .
Vocal Range :Tenor /lyric Baritone. 
Excellent Sight -Singing ability, Multi part Harmony,Expert of playing with all kinds of music instruments. 

Recordings :
He composed more than 250 Arabic poems (pure poetry ) regarding his own production of released songs in 18 Albums .

Special Activities:
1- He is the first Founder of Egyptian association of religious Hymns and litanies in 2013. 
He stabilised the first school of religious Hymns and litanies in 2014 .
He released Eltohamy network TV specialised in Religious Chants .
He performed at the front of the greatest shrines of Awliaa ,the people of descendants of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, in occasion of their birth every year may Allah be pleased with them .

Special skills:
The first position in weight lifting ,track and field ,gymnastics. 
Runner -up champion in the tenth Apical Compition to the Egyptian universities 1999/2000. 
Member of Awarding Committee:
He was invited to be a member of Awarding Committee in many religious chants and litanies Compitions over the years and awarded many prizes and he was honored by different cultural ,educational and media Circles ,in addition to that he is a very beloved and popular chanter who always be a guest in extraordinary TV programmes with avery prestigious Announcers .
All the best for every Artist believed in his real Art .

The most important regional and international Conferences which he participated in :
He performed many concerts in Arab Countries, European countries, Asian, African states, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, London, France, Turkey, Sudan, Algeria, Morroco and Tunisia. 
The most famous tours :
International sufi inshad Conference held in Estanbul in 2003 .
International Burdah festival held in Indonesia in 2005 ,he awarded the first prize at the Festival and his melody regarded the best melody. 

International Festival of Arab song knight held in 2006 ,in Lebanon; Beirut. 
International Fass Festival for spiritual music held in 2009 ,in Morocco. 

The fifth Arab music Festival held in 2010 at Egyptian Opera House in Alex. 
He also participated in international sufi acoustic Festival in 2013, in Algeria; Setif. 
He participated in international Andalusian music Festival in Morocco; Fass in 2013.