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ali el hagar

Ali El Haggar


Ali El Haggar joined the Faculty of Fine Arts and was graduated in the year 1979.

Fortunately, he met with one of the most influencial characters on the journey of many Arab artists, the late genious musician (Baligh Hamdi) who was then the training supervisor of Ali El Haggar, Mohammad Mounir and Mohammad El Helw in the Eastern Takht band of the Arab Music Institute.

Ali El Haggar had a wish since his childhood to sing the quartets of the late poet, painter, actor and writer Salah Jaheen, and after a considerable effort from the latter to convince the late musician, Sayid Mekkawi, the composer of the quartets and the first to perform it, andwith the talent of Ali El Haggar, Sayid Mekkawi had agreed and Ali El Haggar had sung it with great success which lead to his proliferation, and made him one of the most important singers in the middle generation.


Ali El Haggar succeeded to self-achieve himself in the 80's by releasing the alpum ("Fi Qalb Elleil" or "in the heart of night") intending to create a turning point for the Egyptian song on the modern musical performance level making use of the new technologies and on the semantic musical level in the composition of both Moodi Alimam and Ahmad El Haggar aiming at librating the poetic templates of colloquial Egyptian lyrics. At that time, he realized with his acclaimed judgement that impropriety has become more aggressive in invading the public song. In this alpum, Ali El Haggar tried his best to resist those songs that started to seep into the conscience of the listener intending to abuse it. He, then, achieved great success in releasing his alpums and sharing in many theatre plays, TV series and movies.


Ali El Haggar is a long journey of creativity, excellence, sophistication and simplicity.


Ali El Haggar: lead vocalist

Ahmed Bedair: Tabla

Wael El Fashny: Riq

Hany Elnahhal: percussion

Ahmad El-Haggar: Keyboard

Ahmed Raouf: Keyboard

Tika, Sobhy and Tariq: Brass Section

Abdullah Helmy: Flute and Kawala

Magid Askar: Qanun

Ahmed Anwar: bass guitar

Qadri Soroor: Drums

haytham Tawfeeq, Karam Mokhtar, Ahmad El Beheri and Sameh Isa: choir