Abo Shaar Brothers

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The six brothers, known as Abo Sha'r brothers, are gathered on El Sakia stage to perform religious singing along with their audience from all over the world to sing the most beautiful religious songs and Ibtehalat such as; Ala Ya Rasool Allah and Qamar.

About the artist

Abo Sha'r Brothers

Abo Sh'er brothers band is a Muslim Sunni Syrian chanting band.


Band members:

The band is formed of six brothers that are:

Maged Abo Sh'er (Abo Mowaffaq) 1966

Mohammad Khair Abo Sh'er (Abo Yasir) 1968

Zeyad Abo Sh'er (Abo Tariq) 1970

BahaaEldin Abo Sh'er (Abo Bahgat) 1972

Anas Abo Sh'er (Abo Malek) 1982

Abdel Rahman Abo Sh'er (Abo Mahmoud) 1984


Their father is the honourableShykhMowaffaq Bin Ahmed Ismael Abo Sh'erAlhusseiniAlrefa'e, a descendant of the family of the messenger of Allah (PBUH), and who was a religious vocalist for some famous scholars in Damascus in his early age, he was knowledgeable enough for melodies.

The band took the sole of the messenger of Allah, Mohammad Bin Abdullah (PBUH), as their logo. Band members stick it to their chests as a badge and sign that implies their relation to the messenger of Allah (upon him blessings and peace).

They are attributed to Hussein (blessed) of their father, and to Hassan (blessed) of their mother.


Beginning of the band:

They started Praise since childhood when their band had started in 1983. Four of them were united to form a band of little sprouts that praises the messenger of Allah, Mohammad Bin Abdullah, this band took the name of the companion "Abo AyubElansari" the name of the mosque where they are graduated in the town of Alzahra, Damascus.

At that time, BahaaEldin Abo Sh'er was their youngest as he was eleven when he participated in the first official concert they held. Years later, Anas Abo Sh'er joined them and was known as "the Percussionist" since he was young.

There youngest, Abdel Rahman Abo Sh'er, had a band of his own that was "Faith Prouts" as he started chanting by the age of six. In few years, he joined his brothers so that the band is formed of six brothers.

Their father was committed to indoctrinating and training them, since their early age, on acquiring knowledge and chanting. They started by relatives and friends. He started accompanying them in the religious teaching sessions where they began to praise the prophet (PBUH) Mohammad Bin Abdullah by the end of every session. People started ordering them to sing here and there; thus, they were widespread gradually.

As for now, Abo Sh'er brothers live in Egypt where they hold their concerts.


Their publications:

Elhashemi album, recorded in Dubai in 2006

AshganElmohebin (adorers' sadnesses) album, recorded in 2007

QamarBanihashem (the moon of Banihashem) album, issued in 2010 in Damascus

Besides various video clips, like:

"when I call on YaHoo" video clip, in early 2008, and Impermeable poem by Imam Elboseri video clip in 2010.


They do have lots of disclosed works over TV channels like: Sufi, Praise, Prophet's tradition. Also, they are guests for many TV programs on many Egyptian TV channels like: Elmehwar, Rotana, CBC, Elnahar and other specialized channels.

In addition to their issues for various TV programs in various countries like: the Libyan and Malaysian TV's as well as the TV for their lovely homeland Syria.


Their concerts and trips:

They held several concerts in the mosques of Damascus as well as the majority of the other provinces such as, Halab, Homs, Latakia, Hama, Tartous and others, for example:

Ramadan festival events sponsored by the Ministry of Awqaf in 2007 and 2008.

Hems festival for religious chanting, Ramadan 2008

Shams Elghad festival in Aleppo Citadel theatre, 2008

SaqbaArousElsham festival, 2008

Religious chanting festivals in Jordan: in Alfaihaa mosque in 2008, and in other trade centers'.

The last prophet birthday celebration in SidoElkordi mosque.

Several concerts in the Cultural Council of Coast Celebrations in Latakia.

Concert of the Spanish Cultural Center, Ramadan 2008

Hosted several time by the Syrian satellite channel to celebrate Ramadan Nights 2007 and 2008.

Holding large Ramadan evenings in Jordan, Amman, King Hussein Park in 2010 in coolaboration with the greater Amman Municipality and the satellite sufi channel.

Olympic Masbah concert, ElmandilMasbah, MaaratElnoman, 2010

Abo Sh'er brothers visited several Arab and Islamic countries officially where they held various religious concerts, countries such as: Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, UAE. (Dubai), Gazza strip, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries.

Concerts' series of Baloon theatre in Egypt, 2012

Prophet honourable birthday celebrations in Alhussein yard, Cairo, 2014

Their concerts in Elsawy Cultural Wheel that started on November 5, 2014 in the Wisdom hall.