stand up comedy - show 3la abooh

07:30 PM

Stand Up Comedy


Event Details

Comedy Show Alaa Abooh

A stand-up comedy show that won't return

A group of comedians who meetup together for the first time in the River hall of El Sawy Culturewheel

A different comic show and a different outing you will enjoy



Hamza Bahaa

Mina Risha

Tawfiq Elmenshawi

Pola Samuel

Mohammad Amgad

Taha Desouqi

Rim Nabil

Ali Nabil

Mohammad Helmy

About the artist

Stand up comedy.

Salah El Daly

Alaa El Shikh

Mohamed Talaet

Hamza Bahaa El-Dien

Habiba Ashref

Gehad Atef

Ahmed Abd el Fatah

Yossef Emad