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Afronubia accompanies you in a journey particularly to Nubia and generally to Africa with the most impressive African rhythms and reggae in their live concert in El Sawy Culturewheel for songs that carry the Nubian and African impression.

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Avrnobia Band group of young people united by love of music extends south from Aswan and Nubia into the African continent, and mixed with the music of the Caribbean summarized in reggae The band was founded in 2014 never Forget Your Roots Shout, which is known for and is omitted The band call and the message which is proclaimed omitted Alband is to stick to the roots and asset-Of the most important principles of non-racial Alband it in music and art to provide confirmation of the African continent .. Panel offers different types of music, including reggae and Ray and jazz and blues side of Nubian heritage and singing Nubian dialect, which is considered the foundation Baigaatha and melodies