Amer El Tony - Al Mawlaweya Al Masreya

07:00 PM



Event Details

Amer Eltoni and his Egyptian Mawlaweya will take you through a journey to the oceans of Sufi recitation and the original Egyptian heritage to discover together the secrets of divine love and the Sufi spirit along with musical rhythms that suit the spiritual status of the presentation, so be prepared for takeoff

About the artist

Amer El tony Al Mawlaweya Al Masreya

The Egyptian Mawlawiyah was established in 1994 by its singer Amer Eltony. He wanted to present the Egyptian heritage internationally to highlight the peculiarity of the Egyptian heritage and its cultural identity. The Mawlawiyah uses all festivity forms that have used whirling in Egypt starting from the ancient Pharaonic celebrations which practiced whirling as a basis ritual during the annual celebration of the resurrection of Osiris. In this ritual, the conflict between good and evil ends, and this is symbolized  by the elevation of the falcon Horus that flies and combats evil.

Amer Eltony played a pioneering role in protecting the Egyptian Mawlawi heritage by establishing this group. The Egyptian Mawlawi heritage is a part of the sufi heritage that did not attract the attention of previous generation; therefore, Eltony tried to unearth this kind of Mawlawi art to assure that Egypt has an important Mawlawi heritage.