Ehab Younis

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Ehab YounisReligious singer Ehab Younis.. Ehab is going to present a collection of Ibtehalat and Anasheed that purify the ownself and soul altogether.

About the artist

Ehab Younis

Ehab Abdo Younis

DOB: 1981/8/5

Place of Birth: Bahtim - Shobra Elkhaima - Elqalyubeya govt.

Social status: married

Education: Bachelor of Theology, Islamic culture and advocacy dept. Al-Azhar University.

Job: Imam, preacher and teacher in the Ministry of Awqaf

Beginning: he memorized the Quran in his early age and received the Egazah license for reciting the Holy Quran Descendent from Hafs from Aasim from Shatebeya.

Trips: Lebanon, Syria, Paris, Belgium, Yemen, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Awards: he received the first rank award in the Arab Music contest, Improvisation contest 2009.

Journey: He started by the age of thirteen. He was inspired by the great religious singers; Shykh Mohammad Elhelbawi, Shykh Mamdouh Abdel Galil, and Shykh Sayid Mohammad Hassan.

He worked as a chorus member with Shykh Mamdouh Abdel Galil until he was fully qualified and proficient to establish his own band in 2007.

Experience: judge and trainer of religious singing, Ebtehalat, the art of Maqams and the art of oriental phonetics.

Member in the Board of Directors of Religious Singing Syndicate

Headmaster of the school of Religious Singing Syndicate