Wagih Aziz

08:00 PM



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El Sawy Culturewheel is ready to organize a concert for one of the most breathtaking Egyptian voices “Wagih Aziz”, Wagih’s songs and words have its own oriental Egyptian spirit

About the artist

Wagih Aziz

Wagih Aziz made his debut back in 1988 through a theatrical adaptation of Fouad Haddad poems. Over the years, Wagih developed a taste chiefly influenced by two styles, those of Sayyed Darwish and The Rahbanis – an influence that made its way into his own style. Both Wagih's and Darwish's tunes are inspired by and based on their compatriots' concerns and propensity with a spectrum of their strata. While the Rahbanis, above all other Arab experiments, are regarded by Wagih as the model, in terms of the greatest lyrics and melodies.[2]