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Celebrating Xmas and Xmas holidays, the Orthodox team "Hosanna" will please us by presenting a collection of hymns like: Miladak Ahla Yom - Fee Aidak Elmagid - Ghanni - Esma'o Elsama Betghanni - Agras Agras - Eltefl Yasoo.

About the artist

Hosanna Team

Hosanna team;

An Egyptian Christian orthodox team

Foundation ;

Hosanna team was founded at 2006 under the leadership of number of unique singers and musicians.

Hosanna team released their first album at 2013 under the name of "mafish zay Yasuo" that contains number of religious songs written and composed by team members


Since the start of the team participated in alot of big Christian events and carnivals with attendence of huge number of Christian youth.

The team hosted its first own event in 2015 on Nile theater by partnership of kawslis team,  the event was attended by 2000 attendees

Also the team participated in number of Christian carnivals like

-Carnival Missed call attended by 3000 attendees

-Carnival Change attended by 5000 attendees

-Carnival SMS attended by 3000 attendees

-Carnival USB attended by 1500 attendees

-Carnival I Can attended by 5000 attendees

-Carnival set me free حررني شكرا

-carnival a7sbha sa7 joining The Better Life team attended by more than 15000 attendees

-Graduation party at palace of culture of suze


Beside of that the team hosted a large number of praising events at different Egyptian churches like

-Abo Sefen church (mohandsen)

-Archangel Michael church (sheraton)

-Archangel Rafael church (maddi)

-Marimena saint church (shoubra)

-Marigerges saint church (shoubra)

- Saint Mary and saint Antonious church (suez government)

Also the team hosted number of religious events at different Egyptian governments like el Menya,  Alexandria and Suez

Contact us ;

Www.facebook/Hosanna team

Www.youtube/Hosanna team