Calssic Band

08:00 PM



Event Details

Sawy Cutlurewheel hosts a musical concert for “Classic band” by Tamer Brazily the band players coming from different genres and styles. They will play famous music in different styles such as English, Spanish, Italian, French

About the artist

Classics band

Classics band - it’s a band project founded in 2008 by Tamer Brazily prepared and organized to be part in cultural events, exhibitions, parties, and more. The main idea is different musicians from different genres and styles sharing the same event and playing the famous songs & music in different styles in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Brazilian hits. Classics Band inspired by the different styles: classic-baroque, jazz, blues, rock, Arabic, Egyptian, contemporaneous, and more, sharing the same stage in 1 band project to perform “Classics Band style”. The most successful events of the band was in Sawy culturewheel, Rotary, Rotaract, International community in Egypt, Brazilian Community in Egypt, etc.

Some of the Past Events:

2008 –

“2 events in 1 day” friends collection exhibition and famous hits concert in 5 different languages, 5 TV statios covered the event, beside the Supreme council of Antiquities, director of the Egyptian museum, 28 embassies presented, the famous actors Mohamed Sobhi, Buchra, Ahmed Falawkas, and more than 50 journalists.

 “Korba Peace Festival” Art exhibition and concert won the best performance prize over 30 thousand people attending the concert.

Hard Rock Night I – with the band Unfold

Hard Rock Night II – With the Band Profile and Enraged



Classics Band - Halloween by Rotaract

Classics band - Brazilian Community in Egypt

Unplugged oldies

Acoustic night



Classics Band United Nations Falcon Group concert



Classics band duo at Tawseela

Misr American College (Orouba)

International Women's day at El sawy Culture Wheel


Tamer Brazily, the head of the band moved to Brazil till late of the 2016



6 concerts in different places

Safir Hotel, Semman Farm,



International Community in Egypt, Elseman Farm

Brazilian Community in Egypt

Special guests in some other events at Finoon Center and other theaters in Cairo, Alexandria, and in Brazil Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.


Overall the Band has different formations and different styles places over the 60 concerts.