Form a band: 


Usually the numbers of events, the number of attendees per night or the average number of concerts during a specific month, season or year measure the success of live performances. You may also count the amount of tickets sold, however El-Sawy culture-wheel not only accommodates all the usual methods of measurements it also tries to support the diversity of music genres. El Sakia believes that by involving the promising talents, the music ground gets enlarged. 




Criteria for participation:

  • Do you have a good voice? But you don’t know how to turn it into a career!
  • Are you looking for a Band, can a band be looking for you as well… Are you willing to find out!
  • Do you already have a band but you need help finding a composer/ an opportunity to perform live/ a skilled photographer/ help/ marketing agency or just marketing advice!
  • Do you have other requests that is not mentioned above, El-Sakia is willing to help you out with your music career until you reach your goals


The idea of ‘Create your own Band’ turns dreams into reality


Just fill out the application here and send us a video that clearly shows your talent (minimum 1 minute, maximum 2 minutes), our personalized jury is going to go through the videos and match all the suitable individuals together

We will accept the videos on [[email protected]] 

And a free chance to:

  • Attend music workshops
  • Attend lectures by talented musicians
  • Attend singing workshops
  • Learn about band management
  • Meet with outstanding composers and distributers


The second event : Where the bands perform live and get assessed by the Jury members, based on the Jury’s assessment some bands will go forward to the final event.


The Final event: The eligible contestants will perform live for the second time but this time competing for the first place.

First place winners Rewards are:

  • Free professional high quality music video to one of their songs
  • Sponsored events at El- Sakia and all around Egypt
  • Sign a deal with El-Sawy culture-wheel for 1 to 2 years