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Mohamed El Sawy


- Graduated from the German English High school in Cairo.

- A Bachelor Degree of Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts Helwan University in 1979.

Economic Work:

- General Manager of Alamia Publishing & Advertising Company.

- Board Member of The Egyptian Association for Advertisements since 2006.

-A member of The Egyptian Association for Small Businessmen since 1999.

Cultural Work:

- Winner of The Award of Arabic Innovation from the Arab Thought Foundation.

- The President of Germany awarded him The Federal Cross of Merit in 2009.

- Has a lot of programs and projects regarding culture, intellectual development and sport.

- Concerned about the building of human.

- The first Minister of Culture after the step down.

-His initiative to call every year a name of a project through El Sawy Culture Wheel since 2006, for example: Year of Arabic Language, Year of Minds, Year of Dignity, Year of Rights, Year of Light, Year of Youth.

Art work:

- Theatrical author and director.

- Marionette designer and player.

- Journalist.

- The writer and producer of 10 marionette plays.

-The writer of “The Only Solution”  theatrical show.

- Established El Sakia Puppet Theatre which presented “Om Kolthoum back on stage” program and thereafter “Abdel Halim Hafez”, “Farid Elatrash” and "The Beatles" works, as well as comic plays.

- A regular writer in El Masry El Youm under the title of “Where’s The Wisdom?” since December 2009.

- A regular writer in El Sakia Warakeya Magazine.

Social and General Work:

- A member of  El Gezira Club.

- A board member of Zamalek Development Committee.

- A fellow of Ashoka for Social Works.

- The founder of “The White Circle” which was chosen by the World Health Organization as a slogan for fighting smoking.

Media Work:

-Presenting a lot of sport competitions which supports the concept of “Sports for All”

-TV program “The Solution in The Rope” which supports everyone has to exercise with no charge.

Sport Work:

-The founder of “Rashwans Award Fair Play”.

-Participated in 12 marathons and a lot of races in the past 37 years.

- Participated in every car race to call the Egyptians to drive carefully through sport instead of the careless driving in the streets.

-Organized a lot of sport competitions for the youth and children.

- Spring Festivals which emphasizes the value of beauty and art in our life

-Beaches Festivals for sport games, for example: basketball, football, tennis and a lot of water games.

-Supports the marathon and running competitions.

-Organized sport competitions for schools.



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