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Tawba Hall - Zamalek

Tuesday or Thursday from 7 am to 9 pm, the subscriber chooses only one hour per week at a rate of 4 hours per month
The subscription fee is EGP 250, 4 times per month

Tuesday 3 November

Tuesday 10 November

Tuesday 17 November

Tuesday 24 November


Thursday, November 5

Thursday 12 November

Thursday, November 19

Thursday, November 26

Workshop curriculum

Four levels
- Beginners (3 months): The goal is to train hands and playing techniques and learn the basics, time, terminology and musical elements from maqamat and chords primarily
improvers (6 months): developing what has been studied in the first level and paying attention to the aesthetics of formation and its science to obtain harmonious music.

Intermediate advanced: harmony, philosophy, criticism, learning how to manage a music project and produce projects for students to experience and work on excellence in thought, theatrical and dazzling performance,
Preparing for a professional
Professional: It is for professionals to get an opportunity to keep pace with development and to find different intellectual and philosophical trends and experiences and strengthen their weaknesses

To participate in the workshop you must be a member Membership work To register a one-time attendance, please fill out this form to confirm your reservation

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Event reservation will be available on 01 Jan 2021 07:00 AM