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elsakia photography competition

elsakia photography competition

El Sakia Photography Competition
It is an annual competition that takes on a regular basis. Its activities start in mid-November and aim to:
1 - Transfer the experiences of artists to each other and through the exhibition, which takes place on the sidelines of the competition.
2 - Knowing the defaults and mistakes that the photographers make through the discussion of the jury during the exhibition.
3 - Encourage artists who their works have received acceptance from the audience, in addition to the monetary rewards.

Maximum Subscription 3 Photos per category.
The subscription fee is EGP 60 for each category.
The subscription form includes an obligation that the subscriber has obtained all approvals from the people in the submitted images and allows publication in books, printed materials and exhibitions.
El Sakia has the right to display any number of paintings submitted, and to print the winning works with assigning it to its owner.


  • Works will be received at El Sakia Library in Zamalek from 9 am to 7 pm.
  • Works must be provided in digital files on a CD or sent through Google Drive on Please note that the digital file size must not be less than 1200 * 1600 pixels and all images are in JPG format only.
  • The names of the files received (the subject and the name of the image) must be identical to those registered in the registration form, considering the need to place pictures of each topic in a folder named with the subject of the topic.

  • As soon as the work is received, the screening committee will identify the candidate images to be presented at the exhibition. Based on the screening committee's choices, the organizing committee will inform the participants of the photos to be printed before December 28, 2018. The print size is 45cm * 30cm and the larger side Not less than 45 cm on a black polyester measured 50 cm * 35 cm with the right of the participant to reduce one side while retaining the other as it is, noting that the arbitration on the submitted images is digital.
  • The result of the competition and the opening of the exhibition will be announced on January.
  • The works participating in the exhibition will be returned 15 days after the opening from 10 am to 7 pm.

Terms of Acceptance:

  • All possible precautions will be taken to protect the participating images, but El Sakia is not responsible for the loss or damage to these images. El Sakia has the right to reject any participation that does not comply with the established rules and conditions. The submitted image should not have been more than two years old since the date of the competition announcement and should not have won other contests.
  • The image may be modified through digital editing programs, if this does not affect the nature and originality of the image, knowing that the jury has the right to request to send the original image file.
  • Duplicate images will be rejected in more than one character per subscriber. If more than one image is sent for the same person or place, the two will be judged and the best one will be chosen for visual diversity and non-repetition.
  • The conditions for participating in the contest are final and participation in the contest is a prior and comprehensive approval of the conditions mentioned. Participants who do not comply with the above criteria will be ignored.
  • The winner will receive the highest prize in the same section, meaning that it is not permissible to collect the same contestant between two prizes in one branch, with the possibility of winning the contestant in more than one branch.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use HDR technology as it is prohibited to choose part of the picture colors and the rest is black and white.

Contest Branches:

Portrait - Color Shot - Black & White (Not Including Portrait) - Movement - Free Shot (Mobile Phone)

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