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Potatoes and Sweet potatoes

Potatoes and Sweet potatoes


El Sakia present the Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes Festival every year with the aim of focusing on the following areas: recreation and food awareness, highlighting the importance of agriculture and enhancing the sense of belonging to the environment. The festival targets about the benefits of Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes and the nutritional value they contain. Adding potatoes to the food culture in Egypt and introducing them as a supplement and alternative to wheat and rice in many recipes that help in innovation and creativity in cooking.


Attendance of schoolchildren at morning to enjoy the festival's activities that are suitable for all ages to know the importance and benefits of potatoes and sweet potatoes in the construction of the human body and the number of attendance from schools during the festival is an average of 3000 individuals as well as the activation of festival’s activities. El Sakia is keen to achieve and activate the objectives of the festival by presenting a part of the festival in different schools.



  • The diaries of a Potato 1 and 2 presented by El Sakia puppet theatre, which tells the story of a potato’s life from the moment it exits from the ground and sees the sun for the first time, until it reaches the human body and contributes to its construction. The audience also learns about potatoes and its benefits and the way they are cultivated and the potato’s journey that is full of events, adventures and personalities.
  • Musical shows.
  • Art workshop (arts and crafts with different materials).
  • The clown and the magician.

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