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Reflection of Holy Ramadan on Visual Arts

Reflection of Holy Ramadan on Visual Arts

Every year with fine art we celebrate the holy month by holding a collective exhibition (Reflection of Holy Ramadan on Visual Arts). Each artist contributes works created by the inspiration of the holy month. The exhibition covers Arabic calligraphy, Arabic motifs, Islamic architecture, tables and Ramadan evenings in Egypt and abroad.


Fashion - Jewelry - Khayameya - Brass - Wood - Glass

Photography (oil - Mosaic)

Drawing - Carving

Computer graphics

Sculpturing – Ceramic

Subscription fees are LE 20 in each field with a maximum of two fields per participant.


  • All art works have to be new (last year production)
  • Every artist offers a maximum of two art works in one field.
  • Artworks’ dimensions shall not exceed 100 cm, 70 cm in the frame and the output.
  • The Organizing Committee shall have the right to exclude any artwork that doesn’t obey to the rules & conditions or does not meet the expectations.
  • A form is written when submitting the artwork.


  • A Special award will be given for the designs of Ramadan lanterns made from recycled materials.

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