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Spring Salon Exhibition:

Spring Salon Exhibition:

Spring season is what makes us tolerate the cold leafless wintery days, because thankfully ‘No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn’ according to Hal Borland. Spring season reminds humans again how nature can be mesmerizing and this makes the artists amongst us want to embrace this moment forever, so to our benefit they start painting their perception of spring and it is wonderful to see how all those artists paint the effect of spring season on nature but how each of their views can be totally different you can see how they feel through their divine paintings of nature.  

The Spring Salon is an annual exhibition since 2005.









Recycling of raw materials.



Entry Fee:







The work must be up to a maximum of "2015 production".

Topics to be about spring whether it be in respect to the subject of the work or it's color.

The artist offers a maximum of two wokrs in one field and has the right to participate in only two fields.

The art work shall not exceed 150 cm vertically x 100 cm horizontally.

The Organizing Committee shall have the right to exclude any technical work that it deems contrary to the conditions or does not amount to the level of participation.

The artists will receive their works immediately after the expiry of the exhibition and for a period of seven working days from the expiry date except Thursday and Friday. .

The form is written when submitting the artwork.




 Certificates of Appreciation.

 Special award for works executed with recycled materials.

 Special prize for participants for more than five consecutive years in the same salon.

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