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Let me think Program

Let me think Program

Let me think initiative is a program created for school children that focuses on how to think accumulatively.

It aims to help children & teens to broaden their imagination. when given hypothetical dilemmas & situations, they learn together how to develop different solutions & ideas

The children participating, practice different thinking methods:

  • Group thinking
  • Accumulative thinking
  • Criticism
  • Tolerance
  • Democracy

The program is created to develop the abilities of children aged 7-15 years. and is designed to change the attitude of Egyptians towards children by making everyone in the society believe that "there are no idiots, there are only untrained minds.

  • How thinking could be a fun activity.
  • Provide an opportunity for expression to all participants.
  • Respect others’ opinions.
  • Developing collective and cumulative thinking.
  • Recognize that there is always more than one correct solution.
  • Not to attribute the idea to one individual but to all participants which will make them all winners.

We are keen to offer the courses at:

  • affordable prices to benefit the members of El Sakia.
  • Academic teachers and specialists.
  • Different levels for children and adults.
  • Carefully considered and picked dates.

We invite you to check the membership and its advantages from the following link:

We invite you to visit our Facebook page.

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