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Lafaqr - no poverty

Lafaqr - no poverty

“A SharePoint of the poor and the rich”

Lafakr  is a community-based project to unify and organize the charitable activities for Non-governmental associations and foundations, companies and individuals in order to help poor people relying on fair and effective criteria, and the standards that guarantee preserving the dignity of the people in need and stopping hustlers from theft.

We aimed at eliminating poverty partially or totally in a way that preserves the dignity of the person in need and accomplishes social justice on basis of cooperation and transparency, coordinating between donors and poor people to work on setting standards to identify who are the people in need (to be updated on a regular basis) at least once a year, identifying, monitoring and registering the people in need in a database, conducting case studies and follow ups, encouraging donors to raise their donations, preventing hustlers from stealing donations and trim down the possibilities of making money illicitly, providing a healthy and safe environment with no crime or bullying, protecting children from abduction, mutilation and exploitation for begging purposes, putting an end to the phenomenon of “street children” who run away from their houses to find more kind hearted people, in return they find people who respond to their begging, without being aware of the dangers they are causing, returning the street children to their families or replacement families, as Lafaqr project deals only with adults holding national identification numbers.

Culture Wheel is proud to preserve the dignity of the public in the eyes of the visitors and invite back the tourists that were driven away by beggars.

Our major partners in this project are Resala, Masr El-Khair, Al-Orman, and the Egyptian Food Bank. We were keen to invite all foundations and associations to join the project, as we believe that it is impossible for the idea to succeed without the support and alliance of the organizations that believe in the importance of helping the people who are really in need and all forms of media to support the lafaqr campaigns for maximum exposure and outreach.

Culture Wheel is proud to celebrate the day of dignity to remind people of the importance of providing help to people in need instead of street beggars. We celebrate the day of dignity on the 20th of February.

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