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The White Circle

The White Circle

The white circle is a campaign which broadly uses the slogan ‘’I am proud to be a non-smoker’’, which is a tool to set role models and ensure the expansion of the non-smokers base in the community. We aimed at preventing the harmful side effects on general health of both smokers and smoke negative receivers especially to children and young people.

“Free of smoke place and/or person”

Culture Wheel started the campaign by announcing all its properties, either closed or open places, as friendly environmental defending the purity of the surrounding environment, to prevent smoking all around. Also, we organized various seminars to discuss smoking. We conducted extensive campaigns targeting young people. Moreover, we showed all types of media including TV films, leaflets, brochures that encourage people to give up smoking and we are dedicated to finding out more creative means of helping smokers give it up.

The World Health Organization made use of the slogan of this campaign to show the beauty of being a non-smoker in another 22 countries.

Both the World Health Organization and the Smoke-free-life Association were our partners in this campaign.

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