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Forbidding using car horns

Forbidding using car horns

“No to beeps”

This campaign aims to help people realize that they first harm themselves when they use the horns of their cars irresponsibly. We decided to make every driver recognize the fact that the lack of using their car horns will not result in crashing with another car. Also, the public should understand that if we remain using car horns abusively, car horns will not be of value even in emergency cases!

Main goals and objectives

Culture Wheel takes the challenge of correcting car horn misconceptions by helping people feel proud when not using horns as well as establishing safety on streets, in regard to the application of traffic rules and ensure the correct use of horns, only when necessary.

Culture Wheel provide people with information about the impact of their behavior when they use their car horns, in order to focus on the cause and solve the problem, meanwhile, we make sure that people are aware of traffic rules, in order to feel safe in the streets and not use the horn, and convince traffic authorities to improve the driving conditions in the streets, IE. Putting more specific traffic signs.

During this campaign many outdoor events have been done to establish pride of not using the horn while several printed materials had been placed in many spots in Cairo streets, to help drivers abandon the habit of pushing the horn. These materials were using the slogan: “Try to drive without beep”. We intend to personalize this campaign by putting special stickers on the cars with the slogan “Proud not to beep”.

Our partners in this campaign are all Egyptian traffic authorities as well as schools and universities.

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