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Saving Water Campaign

Saving Water Campaign

“A drop of water goes, never comes back”

This campaign aims to help people have a true perspective about the quantity of water they actually use and the means of using it. Through this campaign we tried to help people realize how dangerous is it to misbehave or abuse water. Also, the perception that River Nile has infinite water is tried to be abandoned. We aimed at reaching practical implementations to help saving water and maximizing the smart usages of water by reducing the use of water in all everyday activities and change people’s view about the environment, encouraging scientists find out new ideas and applications to transform sea water into drinking water, focusing on the strong relationship between water and energy, help people realize the fact that the more water they use, the more energy they waste, especially in agriculture and addressed young people as a foremost carrier of the problem stressing the fact that the government should be having a clear strategy about distributing the water of river Nile with other countries. We conducted informational programs at high schools to make students aware of the huge problems of wasting water.

Our partners in this campaign were the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, various universities were partners in several programs, and several environmental organizations helped us reach our vision.

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