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Forbidding using fireworks

Forbidding using fireworks

“no to bomb”

This campaign discourages the use of fireworks in feasts or even in everyday life by adults or even by children for fun. It was initiated when this started to be a habit by many teenagers, children, and lately adults. Apart from the fact that fireworks are illegal and are considered very unhealthy and noisy tools of joy they cause pollution t the environment. Furthermore the most important thing is that they create terroristic tendencies to children, thus they have fun by scaring people, and also used as means for adults to practice harassment.

We aimed at establishing the fact that the habit of using fireworks is only related to the past and not the present and helping people start thinking before acting and change their overall attitude towards life.

Culture Wheel relied on using direct messages and simple media to help people quit using fireworks while ensuring the continuity of the campaigns in every feast and/or occasion by installing billboards in schools delivering the message to kids not to use fireworks, teaching children to say “no” when somebody offers them fireworks to have fun.

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