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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

“Your mom.. Sister.. Wife.. Daughter.. Stop yourself and prevent others before her turn comes”

This campaign aims to ensure safety of women in Egypt and raise awareness among people to realize that every single action they do has a strong impact on society, whether positive or negative. We aimed at making everyone feel they are part of the harassment problem and responsible for taking action to solve it, and spread the idea that everyone needs to protect women, even women he doesn’t know to expect other men to protect women of his. Through the campaign, we tried to help in eliminating harassment to the maximum possible from all major roads to make this phenomenon a history that will never back again, creating the sense of safety  for all women which will result in their free access throughout the country, attracting tourists to a safe and friendly environment, raising kids in new generations that will never practice or suffer from harassment.

The campaign addressed the society, especially young people, as a foremost carrier of this problem, applied programs in high schools to show young people the other side of harassment which will lead to regard their relatives and friends before committing harassment, helped to change the image of harassment and turn it into a real big shame inherited from the previous funny image keeping good sense of humor.

Our partners in this campaign are the too many concerned NGO’s and human rights associations, sharing the same vision and hope. We made use of outdoor advertisement and printing materials with the slogan: “Before it is her turn to be harassed”, we worked on hosting large events in Culture Wheel carrying the theme “Fighting Harassment”, “Women Rights”, etc. We decided that the campaign will be renewed every season, especially every summer, or before the new school year starts.

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